Production Manager

The core of our services are Façade Design, Engineering and Consulting, together with additional services of manufacturing and supply of façade positions.

Team of our engineers are experts in façade industry with educational background from architecture, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. They are highly skilled to apply their knowledge and experience in façade industry, structural engineering, design of wide range of facades and systems like Schüco, Alumil, Aluprof, Reynaers, Aliplast and many more. Since 2008 year we have worked with our clients and partners across the world and grown into recognizable and leading company in our industry. Our professional services of design and project engineering are visible on numerous executed projects in world metropolis like London and New York which highlights our strong references on the market of Great Britain, USA and the Netherlands.

We invite you to read about vacant position and inspire you to apply!

Production Manager

Candidates can choose to work from any of our office locations: Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar.

Production manager will be managing and supervising entire manufacturing process, and will be responsible for quality, quantities and distribution of products, starting from takeover of project documentation from design department, up to delivery and hand over to construction site.


  • Coordination of façade and aluminum joinery manufacturing process.
  • Control and preparation of production orders.
  • Coordination of material ordering process.
  • Responsibility for setting and supervising of manufacturing dynamic plan including coordination with project manager.
  • Responsible for research, sourcing and engaging of new manufacturing capacities for assigned projects, in cooperation with project manager’s guidelines.
  • Responsible for engaging production engineering capacities for assigned projects, in cooperation with project manager.
  • Verification of manufacturing facilities and accreditation in accordance with APS standards and guidelines.
  • Verification of production engineering capacities.
  • Supervision and monitoring of production and entire cycle for finalization of products.
  • Preparation of quality check guidelines and instructions for manufacturing process and conducting of Quality Control during production.
  • Coordination and control of packaging process, transport and export documents.
  • Execution and validation of production orders, ensuring technical, quantitative and financial accuracy.
  • Evaluation of deadlines for each process and taking responsibility for realization within agreed deadlines.
  • Coordination within company’s workflow processes and other sectors involved.
  • Carrying out Health and Safety measures.
  • Ensuring prompt, accurate, quantitative and qualitative execution of duties assigned.

Areas of Responsibilities:

  • Technical preparation
  • Service Orders
  • Production
  • Packing
  • Transport
  • Export related documents and processes
  • Hand over with clients
  • Production dynamic planning
  • Quality Control and Assurance

We are expecting candidate to have positive attitude towards the work, being self-initiative, having analytical mind and tendency to perform in systematic and economic way.

Ideally, candidate would have:

  • Experience in production engineering, with good knowledge of façade systems and
  • Extensive knowledge of MS office tools, and software “Autodesk”, “AutoCAD”, “Orgadata Logikal”, Schuecal and similar.
  • Good knowledge of façade systems as Schüco, Alumil, Aluprof, Reynaers, Aliplast and other.
  • Communication and management skills.
  • Flexibility to travel within the country in accordance with the work requirements.
  • Having focus on work performance and results.
  • Mandatory, good knowledge of English language (speaking and writing).

If you identify yourself with the above indications, please apply directly on the website or via e-mail