Windows and Doors

Most common glazing type. Windows and doors are designed, produced, assembled, delivered on site, and installed in a prepared opening inside a wall of any type (mostly steel framing system, masonry, or concrete). These positions come with waterproofing membrane attached providing full protection and perimeter sealing. There is a large variety for clients to choose from in terms of manufacturer, design, operation and hardware type, safety standards, access control, burglary resistance, thermal and acoustic performance requirements, fire rating, budget, and, of course, colour and surface treatment. APS will always provide what best suits any particular project.

Stick System Curtain Walls and Shop fronts

The system consists of vertical and horizontal members (mullions and transoms) made of extruded aluminium, surface treated, cut to size and processed in factory and delivered to site along with brackets, glass, and all other auxiliary parts for site assembly. Design wise, client can choose from wide selection of types and visual qualities (structurally glazed, semi-structural, capped with many different cap styles, etc.). This system is usually suitable for low rise buildings (though it can also be applied to higher buildings using mast climbing platforms), as it needs scaffolding for installation from the outside.

Unitized Elements System

In this system usually a storey-heigh facade elements are fully assembled in factory in controlled environment. This system is becoming increasingly popular, as it allows for increase in quality and much less work on site. Elements are equipped with all necessary interlocking connecting parts and sealing gaskets, and are lifted and put into position on site, in a predefined order. Where necessary, operable windows and doors are included as part of the element.

Rainscreen Cladding

Most convenient way to make bare building walls visually pleasing and interesting is to dress them up in a rainscreen cladding. It usually consists of insulation layer, air cavity for ventilation and decorative durable cladding panels on some sort of substructure. Cladding can be made of variety of materials, ranging from metals like aluminium and weathering steel, through composite materials, terracotta, brick slips, natural or synthetic stone, light concrete panels, to high pressure laminated boards in any décor, just to name a few.

Steel Framing System

SFS (Steel framing system) is a contemporary replacement to masonry and concrete exterior walls. The walls are formed as a steel frame (horizontal tracks and vertical studs) with inside/outside sheathing boards (usually plaster boards on the inside, and cement particle boards as a weather protection layer on the outside). Frame is insulated with mineral wool. Openings are left inside these walls for windows and doors installation in later construction stages. Benefits of this system over traditional walls are cost effectiveness and construction speed and simplicity, while retaining all necessary properties.

Louvres and Solar Shading systems

Louvres of many types can be installed at locations where the ventilation of space is necessary (i.e. plant rooms), or simply as a decorative element. It can have a blanking panel or insect mesh behind it as an option. It can be self-supporting system on its own or glazed into other facade systems.

Canopies, Brise Solei and other sun shading and decorative elements can also be provided and installed by APS.

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