Services that APS façade can offer to You:


  • You are building or renovating a building and need aluminum or plastic windows, doors, stick system or panelized façade? We are your partner to take the total package and provide you in time, with a weather-tight product according to your needs. We take your project from architect’s design, develop the detailed design and obtain architects approval. We develop all material specifications, production drawings, order all materials and manage factory assembly and delivery to the building site. Once delivered we manage the installation according to the agreed installation sequence and speed in order to return the building weather-tight and ready for internal fit-out.


  • You want to sub-contract a façade package but want to be involved in system design and material specification. Well, we can provide you with the complete Design and Engineering and deliver a package of drawings and specifications for you to subcontract for delivery and installation
  • You have acquired the order for a small or large façade delivery and installation but are short of engineering capacity or not experienced for designing and engineering a particular order? We can provide you with Design, Engineering and coordination services. We take your project from architect’s design develop system design drawings and material specifications and collaborate with the architect for formal approval. In addition to that we can provide you with order schedules and production drawings for all parts to be procured and produced.
  • Does your order include 3D modelling and BIM coordination? As early adaptors we have extensive experience and are ready to provide you with our services.


  • With over 10 years of experience in design, engineering, supply and installation of facades, we have knowledge which we like to share with our clients.
  • Are you in a process of designing a building and need technical advice which façade system to use, how to comply to international building regulations, how to specify glass and sandwich systems to assure an optimum use of sun light and keep the warmth outside? We can help you with advice, specifications, thermal and structural calculations.
  • Do you feel some concern if the drawings and specifications you are provided with by your sub-contractor, do really comply to both the specified performance and the local building regulations? We can do a proper review and report comprehensive to your needs.
  • Do you want a quality inspection of individual materials, assembly, installation, or even the whole process from beginning to end? We have knowledge and experience of all phases of the development process and will not only report, but also give advice how to improve. We are ready to make an inspection- and report proposal and perform the inspections required to be sure about the quality delivered.
  • Are you a building owner and see the need for planned maintenance for your façade? We have extensive knowledge about the maintenance requirements for most materials and finishes and are ready to propose a maintenance manual for your façade so you can look for the best multi year care less maintenance deal for your façade.