Design & Supply

The combined skills of our in-house engineers and external partner network can deliver a full scope of design management and design and engineering services.

From concept, through to architectural engineering, manufacturing to installation drawings. We’ve got you covered.


We recognize architectural design management as essential in the project’s cycle, where we focus to analyse complex design processes, perceive bottlenecks, deliver design management tools, establish design and engineering processes and phases, integrate QA methodology and model specific parts or entire process systematically.

By synchronizing of structural performance, feasibility of construction, materials research, system selection, energy efficiency and systems maintenance, the result of our facade design & engineering service is a coherent and unique to your building identity.


Working with our trusted manufacturing partners, we offer fabrication services. We will review your design drawings, deliver production files and manage entire fabrication process right down to logistics and delivery to site or storage.

This process includes and is not limited to material ordering, production engineering, 3D modelling, CNC programming and machining, production QC and QA, packaging, logistics management and preparation of related logistic documents. Quality control, assurance and management are essential aspects of our supply chain.


The Arc


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