In this stage, our in-house façade specialists will analyze architectural requirements and deliver technically most appropriate, cost-effective, and sustainable design solutions.

We will prepare specifications of materials & products, select the right system, design typical details, prepare installation method statement, Health and Safety guidelines, site logistic plans, and other relevant project segments.

Tender support and Estimation services

APS consultants will undertake numerous activities to facilitate your tender procedures and ensure maximum accuracy of data and bidding documents.

Support includes detailed study of project documents, preparation of bill of quantities, material takeoffs, cost estimation, management of supplier quotes, technical regulations and quality policies and all other project specific services.

Design & Engineering

Together with our in-house engineers and external partners, we offer you entire scope of design management and design & engineering services (concept design, architectural engineering, modeling, manufacturing engineering, installation drawings and method statements, QA, etc…)

Design & Supply

In this phase we are delivering you final product, created through our Design and Engineering service and finalized in cooperation with APS manufacturing partners.

Process also includes material ordering, production engineering, production files preparation, 3D modeling, CNC programming and machining, production QC and QA, packaging, logistics and related logistic documents.


Depending on the variety of client’s needs, project phases and specific business requirements, APS façade consultancy is executed in cooperation with several third party service providers.

Project success depends on many factors starting from system selection, design, cost balancing, performance targets, technical solutions, product quality, selection of suppliers and fabricators and many more. Our consultants have the answers and capacity to tailor unique and genuine service.

Production & Supply

Based on your own project design and engineering, we will offer fabrication services performed through our network of manufacturing partners.

Your design drawings will be reviewed and prepared as production files. This process further includes, and is not limited to material ordering, production engineering, production files preparation, 3D modeling, CNC programming and machining, production QC and QA, packaging, logistics and preparation of related logistic documents.

Project management and site coordination

If client’s project requires “project management” and “site coordination” services, our in-house experts and façade specialists from APS network can be engaged to cover these very specific and important areas.

Turn-key façade projects

For clients who are looking for Turn-Key solutions, APS has capacity to integrate, coordinate and manage this service together with our partner façade contractors.

In this case APS is acting as a chain over entire process, managing wide range of services, depending on specific requirements of the client and façade contractor. APS executes these services in the form of subcontractor, under the Façade Contractor.


With strong network of façade installation companies, APS can provide experienced and skilled team and services for execution of your own façade projects.

We will ensure professional guidance, technical instructions, quality compliance and coordination of all stakeholders for successful completion of installation.

Façade contracting

Exclusively, in a specific case and based on the specific request, APS can perform as a facade contractor. Where many clients face unpredicted circumstances, mater of urgency, or require very specific product that regular façade contractors cannot respond to, we can engage our sources and provide desired service.

Above services refer to client’s segment

Regular Façade contractors who need additional assistance in design, engineering, production and design & project management area;

Façade Management companies who are acting as a façade contractors;

General Contractors which are running their own façade division;

Project developers, who run their own construction and façade division