Social responsibility

Making a positive impact on the communities we operate in is central to our company ethos.

APS is not just about creating impressive and efficient buildings, we want to make a difference for the people and communities around them, as well as minimise our impact on the environment.

We care about our people – we strive to create a positive non-discriminatory environment.

We treat our partners and suppliers with respect.

We are continually reviewing our processes and accreditations to ensure we maintain our
exemplary level of customer service and delivery.

We get involved within the communities we work in, in a number of ways:

  • We work alongside schools and colleges, providing mentoring and training for young people. We provide input and our expertise for
    events such as Future Leader Summit.
  • We volunteer our time and donate to socially vulnerable groups in the areas we operate.
  • We encourage our team to get involved and recommend local causes they believe will benefit
    from our support

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